Helping you define your impact

Photographer: Yannick Schuette


Editorial work

Do you have a story to tell? Do you want regeneration, transparency and reciprocity to be the core values that your audience is engaging with?

Through my network of creatives and change-makers, my knowledge of sustainability and transformation and my passion for words and images, I am a strategic partner to help you create a narrative that amplifies the sustainability movement and fosters community.


Photographer: Anna Rosa Krau


Brand curation, consulting and in-person events

Do you want to highlight craftsmanship, mindful designers and the incredible artisans along the value chain? With almost a decade of experience as a stylist and curator, co-founder of the print magazine The Lissome and five years as its fashion director, I have an extensive network of designers, artists and experts to co-create with. 

Through my enrollment in the Masters programme Sustainability, Education and Transformation at Germany’s leading school for sustainability (HNEE), I am well versed in the current societal shift towards a sustainable future. I also hold a BA in Publishing and Journalism and am passionate about our communities becoming eco-literate.

Photographer: Max vom Hofe

Photographer: Yannick Schuette

Photographer: Denis Boulze