Hello. I’m Sophia

a few things I’d like to tell you about myself

Photographer: Anna Rosa Krau


I do things differently.

By combining fashion and intersectional writing, my storytelling is nuanced, intertwining fashion, climate and vision. In my stories, I consciously curate slow, mindful brands that focus on craftsmanship, natural fibres and community. I also incorporate vintage and occasionally my own creations with foraged materials. I detail the fashion industry’s interwovenness and transition towards a future that enriches rather than extracts, interviewing pioneers and portraying movements reshaping our landscape.

Photographer: Stephanie Pfaender


I have a multi-disciplinary approach.

I am an active member of my local Agenda 21 group and two farming initiatives, the Bündnis Junge Landwirtschaft and the BürgerGut Börnicke cooperative. I am researching seed-to-closet, local fabrics such as wool, hemp and linen, and a decentralisation of power dynamics and traceability. Intrinsically interlinked by the health of the Earth’s skin, its soil, I aim to combine regenerative farming and grassroots farming initiatives with fashion. I want to deconstruct circularity and social equality and make it accessible and understandable for everyone. I have an extensive local network of farmers, gardeners, artists, crafters, disruptive designers and activists with whom I collaborate, dream and create. Collective engagement will lead us to create visions that bring systemic change.

Photographer: Stephanie Pfaender

Photographer: Yannick Schuette

I believe that…

We are at the threshold of a new era.

Clothing was once a reflection of cultural values, intricate craftsmanship and a deep respect for the living soil that laid the foundations for the raw materials created by other beings. Unfortunately, through its commercialisation and, subsequently,  excessive consumption and mass production, we are now faced with a myriad of dire consequences.

By amplifying crafters, regenerating a culture of interconnectedness, highlighting the importance of natural fibres and social justice, we can help rebuild a broken system that exists within the planetary boundaries.

We have to question the Narrative.

The stories we share shape the way we engage with the world. In times of mass media, vested interests and passive consumption, we can quickly become overwhelmed. By nurturing a discussion that transcends sustainability to one of regeneration, we can learn our way towards a thriving future.

Companies and institutions can choose to nurture those voices that benefit our collective well-being.

Photographer: Denis Boulze